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This blog is dedicated to the Victorian world. It was the era of steam, of nascent democracy and of great social upheaval. It was also a period of blatant imperialism and racism, of shining hope for a better future and of great fin-de-siècle pessimism. It is, therefore, like all eras, a period of paradoxes and complicated people and I hope I manage to convey that here.

I also try to go beyond the most immediately familiar - while I certainly occasionally blog about Britain, I try primarily to explore the world beyond Victorian England. I have a special fascination for British India, Persia and Afghanistan as well as Germany and, since I'm Swedish, for anything Scandinavian, and especially anything to do with Stockholm.


About the Author 

I have always been intrigued by history, and originally I intended to make that my career. However, things happened; water ran under the bridges... You know how it goes. It didn't turn out that way. Instead, I began to write historical fiction and as a result of that I started The Rags of Time, a blog originally focused on the 18th century.

And then... Things happened, water ran under the bridges... I stopped writing. I stopped doing a lot of things, in fact, but writing was one of them. Now I'm slowly easing back into writing and for many reasons, I have settled on the 19th as the setting of at least all my project in the foreseeable future. I'm currently working on a murder mystery, set in Stockholm in the 1860s.

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